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Yoyo Cup Cozy/Sleeve

I have been wanting a pink cup sleeve for my coffees.  I looked in my yarn stash, but had no pink yarn. While digging through drawers in my studio, I found some yoyos that I had been making over the years.  Quite a few were pink, so I decided to make a sleeve using them.

First I made a pattern from a sleeve that I already had.  I folded a piece of paper in half and traced the sleeve.

pattern for coffee cup sleeve

Then I picked out yoyos from my inventory and lined them up on the pattern placing them in the order I liked.  I had more yoyos of one fabric than the others, but that’s okay, I wanted pink.  I allowed a few aqua to sneak in, because that is my favorite color.

Yoyos for creating cup sleeve

I began sewing the yoyos together into two single strips first.  A top strip and a bottom strip.  I made the strips curve slightly by sewing the yoyos lower on each side as I added them to the strip. The curve is very slight and not noticeable in the photo.

Now I have two single strips lined up.  At first, I was going to sew them together in line as you see in the picture below, but then decided to stagger the yoyos for a different look.

making a coffee cup sleeve

Here are the two rows now sewn together in a strip.  See how I staggered them?  Then I tested the fit by wrapping them around one of my Starbucks plastic ups.  The fit was fine, so I sewed them together on the sides and finished up.

making a coffee cup sleeve

This is the cozy or sleeve, whichever you prefer to call it, on a tall sized Coffee Frappuccino from Starbucks.

coffee cup sleeve/cozy

I always use a sleeve on my coffees, because I don’t like the condensation making my hands wet.  The sleeves are great for keeping that in check.  I carry several sleeves in my purse for myself and often a friend’s use.


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Tissue Mason Jar

I saw this great idea while perusing Pinterest the other day.  When I saw the pin, my eyes couldn’t help but scan my studio to the pretty silver mason jar I got from a recent wedding that I attended.  I knew I took that jar for a reason!

This summer, I went to a beautiful wedding of a friend’s daughter.  The bride used mason jars to make some really cute center pieces for the reception.  After the celebrating was over, I was there helping with clean up and she told me I could have one of her jars.  I couldn’t resist.

Now a couple of months later, I have found the perfect use for the jar.  It was a very quick and simple project, because the jar was already painted.  My jar happens to be painted with mirror paint, but I think the next few that I make, I will use chalk paint and distress them a little.

These are the supplies needed:  Mason jar, painted or not, tissue, piece of cardboard, decorative paper, scissors, pencil, and a razor blade.

supplies to make mason jar tissue holder

I traced around the jar lid ring with it centered on one of the smaller circles from my decorative paper.  I did the same with the carboard piece.  Cut out the two circles and place them together.  You can glue them, but I didn’t.  Then I cut an X in the center of the cardboard/paper circle while held together.  After cutting, place the circles into the ring of the lid.  Roll a small amount of tissue to fit into the jar with a piece of tissue pulling up from the center.  Don’t use too many or it will be too tight and the tissue will just tear when you pull it out.

supplies to make mason jar tissue holder

I put my finished tissue holder on my bedroom nightstand.  It looks much sweeter than a cardboard box of tissues!  Don’t you think?

nightstand with mason jar tissue holder

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project.

Also, I realize I have not posted since last December.  I hope to remedy that in the next few days and weeks with some pictures of the progress of our home’s remodel.  It looks a LOT different now.


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