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Yoyo Cup Cozy/Sleeve


I have been wanting a pink cup sleeve for my coffees.  I looked in my yarn stash, but had no pink yarn. While digging through drawers in my studio, I found some yoyos that I had been making over the years.  Quite a few were pink, so I decided to make a sleeve using them.

First I made a pattern from a sleeve that I already had.  I folded a piece of paper in half and traced the sleeve.

pattern for coffee cup sleeve

Then I picked out yoyos from my inventory and lined them up on the pattern placing them in the order I liked.  I had more yoyos of one fabric than the others, but that’s okay, I wanted pink.  I allowed a few aqua to sneak in, because that is my favorite color.

Yoyos for creating cup sleeve

I began sewing the yoyos together into two single strips first.  A top strip and a bottom strip.  I made the strips curve slightly by sewing the yoyos lower on each side as I added them to the strip. The curve is very slight and not noticeable in the photo.

Now I have two single strips lined up.  At first, I was going to sew them together in line as you see in the picture below, but then decided to stagger the yoyos for a different look.

making a coffee cup sleeve

Here are the two rows now sewn together in a strip.  See how I staggered them?  Then I tested the fit by wrapping them around one of my Starbucks plastic ups.  The fit was fine, so I sewed them together on the sides and finished up.

making a coffee cup sleeve

This is the cozy or sleeve, whichever you prefer to call it, on a tall sized Coffee Frappuccino from Starbucks.

coffee cup sleeve/cozy

I always use a sleeve on my coffees, because I don’t like the condensation making my hands wet.  The sleeves are great for keeping that in check.  I carry several sleeves in my purse for myself and often a friend’s use.


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Author: Cindy

Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, artist.

2 thoughts on “Yoyo Cup Cozy/Sleeve

  1. Cindy, that is adorable! Very useful, too. Thanks so much for sharing your idea!

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