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Simple Coaster Liner


On a recent trip to IKEA, I bought this very cute, metal candle plate.  I bought just one to place next to my keyboard on my desk.  I like to keep a glass of water or other beverage next to me when I’m on my computer.  Since the little plate was also a little plain 🙂 I decided to sew up a liner for it.  It absorbs any moisture from the glass or cup and looks cute doing so.

I made a paper pattern, then pinned it on some pretty fabric scraps that I had.  I sewed the pieces together, then pinked the edges.  I made three so that I can just throw them in the wash when needed.

Easy, peasy project.


I made each one reversable.  The one in the lower left, (photo above) is actually sewn.  The pinking shears that I used were my grandma’s.  She died in 1960 and I have had them since then.  They are made by Eversharp.  Of course, they are not so sharp anymore!  I think I may have used them, as a child, to <gasp> cut paper.  But, considering that and their age, they still work quite well.


Here it is in use!


And that was my project for today.

Just a little side note:  We don’t have cable here at our house, but recently while somewhere, I can’t remember where, I saw an IKEA commercial on TV.  The CEO of IKEA what telling all about their wonderful company.  What I learned from that commercial is that I have been mispronouncing the name of their company.  I bet you all have too!  He pronounced it with a short i, not long i.  Ick ee a.  Cool huh.  I like being accurate.  🙂

Have a great day!

Author: Cindy

Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, artist.

2 thoughts on “Simple Coaster Liner

  1. Hi, Cindy! It was wonderful to see you in my in-box this morning! It’s been so long since I’ve visited, and it’s great to see you’re doing well. I love what you created. It looks perfect – so useful yet beautiful! Gee, who knew we’ve pronounced IKEA wrong? I guess they allow their commercials to pronounce their own name wrong? Maybe the short “i” is more of a British pronunciation and the long “i” is Americanized? I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your lovely cup trivet! 🙂

    • Hi Kim, thanks for visiting! Yes, I also wonder why some commercials use IKEA with long i and then hearing the CEO use short i. I guess I will never know why. In the store they say long i as well. 🙂 Hope your day is wonderful!

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