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Oh boy.  Now we have everything.  Yes, Tom built a nice picket fence around our front yard.  Years ago, he built a white, wooden, picket fence around our front yard at a home in California.  We discovered that to keep the fence looking nice, we had to paint it at least every other year.  That was a lot of work, because it was quite a few feet of fence.  So, this time, he decided that he would build the fence out of vinyl.  Our HOA rules state that any fences in the front yard cannot be taller than 30″.  We could not find a single company that built a vinyl picket fence under 48″.  So, Tom bought a 48″ fence and cut every picket to his own custom size, none being taller than 30″.


He also had to modify the posts that went into the ground, and the cross posts.


It is a totally original creation and I love it.


Now, I have the inside and outside pretty much caught up.  I’ll have to find some more things to blog about.  Until next time! Thanks for stopping by.


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We Rock!

I promised to tell you about our rock and I will, but first I need to insert our new trees.  We added them before the awnings.  We bought four largish trees so we wouldn’t have to wait so long for them to grow up.  This tree being planted by the men from Whitfill Nursery is an Ash tree.


We, also, had an Oro Blanco grapefruit tree planted.


The front yard trees are Flowering Pear.  They bloom in January, have green leaves through November, then they turn red and drop.  They are without leaves for about 3 weeks.  #lifeinAZ


Okay, jump ahead now to April of 2016.  With a lot of help from family and a friend, we put new rock on our property.  In Arizona, people have rock yards.  My husband designed and drew up a nice plan for the yard.  He installed a French drain to take the water from the backyard out to the street.  It’s hidden under all the rock.  Here you can see the area where the French drain would be dug.


It went across the back yard and down both sides of our property to the street.


We had TONS of rock delivered for the front and back yard.  We even had babies working!  Notice the nice ring that Tom built around the trees.


After all the rocking was done, Tom added a spot of fake grass in the backyard.

20160623GrassInstall2.jpgIt would have been nice to do the entire backyard with it, but believe me, it’s is not inexpensive.

We also had a third awning added.  A large one on the back of the house.  It looks super!


Whew.  I’m worn out just writing about all of this.  See you next time, and thanks for stopping by.





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Let’s Go Outside

Shall we?  In November of 2015 we extended our side awning to include the full length of our home.  To do the front awning, my husband and my son had to add a small section of concrete in order to anchor the new awning.


It looks much better to have the awning extended.  We did it for looks and to add shade.


The before and after show the improvement.


Here is how the backyard area looked before and after.


Enjoy a meal in the hot sun at that table! Not!


Oh, much better!  Don’t you agree?

See our rock yard?  I wear Gowalks by Sketchers and the little rocks stick in between the rubber nubs on the bottom of my shoes.  I have to pick them out before going into the house. Those little rocks have got to go!  And they do!  More about that tomorrow.



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Oh Wow!

I love how nice my home is looking.  Today I will share photos of our master bedroom.

The room had two 4 foot closets with pretty enough doors, but they were too small.  Tom tore out the old structure and built a new one.  This is how the before looked.  The carpet was old.  That was torn up as well and new laminate flooring put down in it’s place.  See that mirror on the floor?  That used to be in the bathroom with a plastic frame glued around it.  That’s just part of being a mobile home from the 80’s.


The new closet is the entire stretch of the wall, giving us about three feet more of space.


We have weird windows here.  They are two windows per opening.  One single pain outside and one single pain inside.  With about five inches in between.  Our exterior walls are built with 2×6’s.  Makes for some nice insulation in the Arizona HEAT.  It is currently 102 degrees F outside.  Whew.  I live in a furnace!

Okay, back to the bedroom…  This is how pretty it’s looking now.  My dresser and chest were my mother’s.  She and my dad bought them in 1950 when they got married.  Yes, I painted them white.  My mother would have loved that!  She was an adventurer. The wall color is called Soft Sunrise by Behr, trim Swiss Coffee also by Behr.  The very nice area rug under the bed is from IKEA.


Whoa, I have finished the tour of the inside remodels.  Wait, I may have forgotten my husband’s office.  I have to look into that and post an update.

Later, friends!

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Three Days in a Row!

Wow, I amaze myself!  The trick was that I added my blog page to automatically open when I open my browser each day.  Now I can’t forget to blog, I actually have to ignore it if I don’t want to blog.  Haha.

Let’s take a look at the master bath.  Just like every place else, Tom had to move the plumbing from the floor to the wall.  Without doing that you have pipes in the way of storage under the sink.


Also, as per usual, he gutted the entire room


There is that floor again.  We pulled it up, of course. I’m not saying I don’t like vinyl.  We actually prefer vinyl floors to ceramic tile, because they are more forgiving when you drop things and they are warmer to bare feet.

Everything is white.  We like white.  Here is the new shower surround.


Tom built a wall to add a little privacy to the toilet area.  I couldn’t find any white lights, nor could I find any ‘two light’ light kits that I liked.  I found these on Amazon and painted them white.  They were black.  The mirrors look nice in this bathroom also.  The color is Nutmeg Frost by Behr. The trim that you can’t really see is Swiss Coffee by Behr.


Yes, I like that shower curtain so much that I have it in both bathrooms.  We had glass doors, but I like foofoo.  hehe.


Next up…the master bedroom…tomorrow though.

Thank you for stopping by and getting a taste of my little world.  Blessings to you!


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So soon!

Here I am again!  Today, I have pictures of the guest room remodel.  The room had texture panels in two corners that my husband removed.  New drywall went into their place.


We have friends in Georgia that we visit each year.  Their new guest room is yellow!  We thought it was such a homey place that we also chose a yellow for our room.  The color is Summer Bliss by Behr Paint.  The bed covers are from the guest room we had in our last home.  The cute polka dot rug is from IKEA.


The bathroom was quite a job to do.   My husband, Tom removes all trims and muds the area.  We are thankful for the free bulk pick up we have every three months here in Phoenix.  That floor.  It’s vinyl.


He gutted the entire room.  Yay.  Just like in the kitchen, my husband moved the plumbing from the floor into the wall under the sink.


I don’t do much to help, just supervise.  😉  The master bath had this beautifully ugly light fixture that I convinced him to let me paint white.  It now is mounted in the guest bath.


All is brand new.  The wall color is White Mocha by Behr and the tub area is Swiss Coffee, also by Behr.


The story of the mirror.  I decided that a framed mirror would look prettier than one flat mirror on the wall.  While perusing mirrors at Lowe’s one day, I saw this mirror on clearance.  They were dark, distressed wood with beveled edges on the mirror surface.  The regular price was $80 marked down to $11.  There were five left, I bought three, saving two for when we would remodel the master bath.  I painted them with chalk paint, Annie Sloan Old White.  We bought medicine cabinets with beveled edges to match.


This concludes the tour of our guest and bath remodel.  Have a great day, see you soon!


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Eight Long Months

It has been eight long months since I last posted on my blog.  The only excuse that I have is laziness.  There are other things that I’d rather do than write.  But, I want to show you all the beautiful work that my husband has done around our home!

The kitchen was the last room I wrote about (2014!) and it is now completely finished.  Well, actually, EVERYTHING is finished!!  Let me dig through my photos and see what I can find…

This is what the kitchen looks like now.  My husband added beautiful above and under cabinet lighting.  The kitchen was completed in 2015.


It has been so long since we have done these projects that I don’t remember the order! In 2015 we did the living and dining rooms.  They came out really nice.  I don’t know if I published a before picture of the dining room in an earlier post, but this is the built in hutch that we demolished.

living dining.jpg

It looks so much differently now. We closed up the side openings.  I need my wall space for pictures!


I am going to stop here for now.  My next post will have pictures of the guest room and bath updates.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to not keep you waiting so long for my next post!