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Eight Long Months

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It has been eight long months since I last posted on my blog.  The only excuse that I have is laziness.  There are other things that I’d rather do than write.  But, I want to show you all the beautiful work that my husband has done around our home!

The kitchen was the last room I wrote about (2014!) and it is now completely finished.  Well, actually, EVERYTHING is finished!!  Let me dig through my photos and see what I can find…

This is what the kitchen looks like now.  My husband added beautiful above and under cabinet lighting.  The kitchen was completed in 2015.


It has been so long since we have done these projects that I don’t remember the order! In 2015 we did the living and dining rooms.  They came out really nice.  I don’t know if I published a before picture of the dining room in an earlier post, but this is the built in hutch that we demolished.

living dining.jpg

It looks so much differently now. We closed up the side openings.  I need my wall space for pictures!


I am going to stop here for now.  My next post will have pictures of the guest room and bath updates.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to not keep you waiting so long for my next post!


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One thought on “Eight Long Months

  1. Good decision to close those side openings. It does look much better this way. 🙂

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