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So soon!

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Here I am again!  Today, I have pictures of the guest room remodel.  The room had texture panels in two corners that my husband removed.  New drywall went into their place.


We have friends in Georgia that we visit each year.  Their new guest room is yellow!  We thought it was such a homey place that we also chose a yellow for our room.  The color is Summer Bliss by Behr Paint.  The bed covers are from the guest room we had in our last home.  The cute polka dot rug is from IKEA.


The bathroom was quite a job to do.   My husband, Tom removes all trims and muds the area.  We are thankful for the free bulk pick up we have every three months here in Phoenix.  That floor.  It’s vinyl.


He gutted the entire room.  Yay.  Just like in the kitchen, my husband moved the plumbing from the floor into the wall under the sink.


I don’t do much to help, just supervise.  😉  The master bath had this beautifully ugly light fixture that I convinced him to let me paint white.  It now is mounted in the guest bath.


All is brand new.  The wall color is White Mocha by Behr and the tub area is Swiss Coffee, also by Behr.


The story of the mirror.  I decided that a framed mirror would look prettier than one flat mirror on the wall.  While perusing mirrors at Lowe’s one day, I saw this mirror on clearance.  They were dark, distressed wood with beveled edges on the mirror surface.  The regular price was $80 marked down to $11.  There were five left, I bought three, saving two for when we would remodel the master bath.  I painted them with chalk paint, Annie Sloan Old White.  We bought medicine cabinets with beveled edges to match.


This concludes the tour of our guest and bath remodel.  Have a great day, see you soon!



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One thought on “So soon!

  1. What a bargain! You are on a roll with your blogging again. Thanks for sharing what’s been happening at your place. Looks great!

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