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Oh Wow!

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I love how nice my home is looking.  Today I will share photos of our master bedroom.

The room had two 4 foot closets with pretty enough doors, but they were too small.  Tom tore out the old structure and built a new one.  This is how the before looked.  The carpet was old.  That was torn up as well and new laminate flooring put down in it’s place.  See that mirror on the floor?  That used to be in the bathroom with a plastic frame glued around it.  That’s just part of being a mobile home from the 80’s.


The new closet is the entire stretch of the wall, giving us about three feet more of space.


We have weird windows here.  They are two windows per opening.  One single pain outside and one single pain inside.  With about five inches in between.  Our exterior walls are built with 2×6’s.  Makes for some nice insulation in the Arizona HEAT.  It is currently 102 degrees F outside.  Whew.  I live in a furnace!

Okay, back to the bedroom…  This is how pretty it’s looking now.  My dresser and chest were my mother’s.  She and my dad bought them in 1950 when they got married.  Yes, I painted them white.  My mother would have loved that!  She was an adventurer. The wall color is called Soft Sunrise by Behr, trim Swiss Coffee also by Behr.  The very nice area rug under the bed is from IKEA.


Whoa, I have finished the tour of the inside remodels.  Wait, I may have forgotten my husband’s office.  I have to look into that and post an update.

Later, friends!


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