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Let’s Go Outside

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Shall we?  In November of 2015 we extended our side awning to include the full length of our home.  To do the front awning, my husband and my son had to add a small section of concrete in order to anchor the new awning.


It looks much better to have the awning extended.  We did it for looks and to add shade.


The before and after show the improvement.


Here is how the backyard area looked before and after.


Enjoy a meal in the hot sun at that table! Not!


Oh, much better!  Don’t you agree?

See our rock yard?  I wear Gowalks by Sketchers and the little rocks stick in between the rubber nubs on the bottom of my shoes.  I have to pick them out before going into the house. Those little rocks have got to go!  And they do!  More about that tomorrow.




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One thought on “Let’s Go Outside

  1. Much better! You fixed the sun problem and now can enjoy your space any time of day. 🙂

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