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We Rock!

I promised to tell you about our rock and I will, but first I need to insert our new trees.  We added them before the awnings.  We bought four largish trees so we wouldn’t have to wait so long for them to grow up.  This tree being planted by the men from Whitfill Nursery is an Ash tree.


We, also, had an Oro Blanco grapefruit tree planted.


The front yard trees are Flowering Pear.  They bloom in January, have green leaves through November, then they turn red and drop.  They are without leaves for about 3 weeks.  #lifeinAZ


Okay, jump ahead now to April of 2016.  With a lot of help from family and a friend, we put new rock on our property.  In Arizona, people have rock yards.  My husband designed and drew up a nice plan for the yard.  He installed a French drain to take the water from the backyard out to the street.  It’s hidden under all the rock.  Here you can see the area where the French drain would be dug.


It went across the back yard and down both sides of our property to the street.


We had TONS of rock delivered for the front and back yard.  We even had babies working!  Notice the nice ring that Tom built around the trees.


After all the rocking was done, Tom added a spot of fake grass in the backyard.

20160623GrassInstall2.jpgIt would have been nice to do the entire backyard with it, but believe me, it’s is not inexpensive.

We also had a third awning added.  A large one on the back of the house.  It looks super!


Whew.  I’m worn out just writing about all of this.  See you next time, and thanks for stopping by.