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Oh boy.  Now we have everything.  Yes, Tom built a nice picket fence around our front yard.  Years ago, he built a white, wooden, picket fence around our front yard at a home in California.  We discovered that to keep the fence looking nice, we had to paint it at least every other year.  That was a lot of work, because it was quite a few feet of fence.  So, this time, he decided that he would build the fence out of vinyl.  Our HOA rules state that any fences in the front yard cannot be taller than 30″.  We could not find a single company that built a vinyl picket fence under 48″.  So, Tom bought a 48″ fence and cut every picket to his own custom size, none being taller than 30″.


He also had to modify the posts that went into the ground, and the cross posts.


It is a totally original creation and I love it.


Now, I have the inside and outside pretty much caught up.  I’ll have to find some more things to blog about.  Until next time! Thanks for stopping by.


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One thought on “Pickets!

  1. That looks awesome! Great job! 🙂

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