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What’s New?


I hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer!  We vacationed earlier on at the beginning of summer and spent the rest of our time at home.  My husband has been working on our house all through the heat!  He painted the entire exterior all by himself.  I can’t tolerate the heat, so I stayed inside with air conditioning.  🙂

You can see the difference here between the old color (beige) and the new Morning Zen by Behr.


This is another angle of the front from the other side.


Today, I actually helped him with his latest project of building and installing window trim.  He measured each window then built the surround for it, then painted it white, then after they dried he installed them.

This is from the front.  It looks so nice with our white fence and our pretty green trees.

20170811Frontyard with trim

This next view is taken in the driveway of the kitchen window and back door.


He is going to do a little caulking and hide the screws where he mounted them, then he will be done.  We are also planning on shutters, but those we will do later when the weather cools a little.  Or maybe A LOT!!

So, that’s what’s happening here at our place.  Thanks for taking the time to read about our projects.  See you next time.



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2 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Your house looks fabulous! I agree that the white trim looks so nice! I hope your husband is being careful not to over- heat. He sure is dedicated! Loved the update on what’s happening at your house. 😄

    • Hi Kim! Thank you for the nice comment. I think my husband is part lizard, because he LOVES the heat. He is careful to drink plenty of water and take lots of breaks. 🙂

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