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Workshop Do-Over

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In my last post, I mentioned that Tom’s workshop would be the next story.  It took him about 3 months, I think, to finish it.  Being redesigned, a little bit, has made it much more usable for him.  Not to mention the getting rid of TONS of stuff has created much more room.

It began with the removal of everything inside and placing it in the driveway.


The inside looks nice when it’s mostly emptied. You can see the insulation in the ceiling.  See all of those boxes of laminate flooring?  Twenty-three!  They were left over after flooring the inside of the house.  I actually returned them to Costco for a refund of over $600.  I love Costco!


The first thing done was to install a plybead ceiling.  It’s similar to beadboard, but cut and formed from plywood rather than masonite.


I am not a very strong helper, so Tom engineered a contraption to help hold up the plybead while he screwed it into the ceiling beams.


The workshop has a 1/2 bath which makes it a super man cave, don’t you think?  He didn’t like the placement of the sink.  He bought a new one and moved it to a better location. The new configuration gave more usable space to the shop.  The photo below shows how he moved it from left of the toilet, to the right and adjoining wall. The board on the floor is covering the sewer opening.


This is how nice the bathroom looks now.  He installed a space saving pocket door as well.


The shop is now ready for some great projects.  I heard rumors that he’s going to get those bikes road worthy.


The large hoist in the picture, is what we use to put the 5th wheel hitch in and out of our truck bed.  The table saw is vintage, just like we are!  🙂


We are out of projects!  What to do?  Thanks for stopping by.  Maybe you have some ideas for our next project.  Oh wait!  We could, maybe, find some projects for the 5th wheel!



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