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Beautiful Mama Blog Award

Now this is just a lovely award.  The Beautiful Mama Blog Award was awarded to me by Ellie at New Creations Ministries.  Thank you, Ellie.  She has a very informative blog with posts about diet, eating, nutrition, God, it’s all great!

Per the award, I am supposed to tell you three things that I enjoyed about motherhood.  That is a simple task, because I enjoyed every minute.  Well, maybe not EVERY minute, but I am thankful that I was there for every minute.

I enjoyed having my children around as great, loving companions.  They went everywhere with me and enjoyed just about everything I did with them.  I was so excited that I raised a son who enjoyed shopping as leisure.  What a surprise when he married a woman not fond of shopping!  God does have a sense of humor.

Everything is more fun with a friend.  My children were my friends, and still are, and were excellent helpers around the homestead.  My daughter was like a ‘second self’ and she could do anything I could and more!  I miss my personal assistant.  She is the best!

I, certainly, enjoyed homeschooling my children.  I think I learned more while teaching them, than I did during my own twelve years of structured education.

Motherhood is indeed a blessing bestowed upon us by God.  As are all blessings from Him, it is not to be taken for granted.  It is given with love and purpose.  He created each one of us and placed us in the family right for us.  Thank God for your family today.

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