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Ready for Christmas

Well, I finally got my Christmas decorations displayed!  Still no tree, however.  We haven’t put up our tree since 2007 when we hosted Christmas for our extended family.  With our children spread around the states, we have just been going to visit them for Christmas and not doing much here.  You don’t really need a tree to decorate your home.  I have plenty of decorations that are independent of a tree.  The mantle, entertainment center, and entryway bookshelf are now decked out in style.


Here’s the entertainment center sporting some of my Christmas dishes and my music CD’s ready to play.


Fireballs anyone?  I recently read another blog where the woman was short on decorations.  She said she just started putting ornaments inside anything that would contain them.  So, that’s what I did!  It was a great idea.  And Santa has been holding our cards since I was a small girl.  My mother bought this Santa at a bazaar at our church in the 50’s.   Somewhere along the way, I acquired it and my kids have grown up with it.  We don’t really celebrate Santa, but I use it for nostalgic reasons.


And finally, the mantle with deer and poinsettias.  I put small antique ornaments in the lanterns and I think it looks nice.  My mother and I were alone for about 8 years before she married my step-dad in 1968.  That Christmas, she decided to get all new decorations and she boxed up all of our old ones.  I’m sure glad that she stored them for years, because they became mine when I married later.  I love vintage!


These are two of my very favorite of the ornaments.  They are two glass teapots.  This shot was handheld and taken at ISO 1600 f/ 3.8 1/13s.


Many thanks to the Nester for hosting this link party.  This is my first participation in any link up.  I hope I do it right.  🙂

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