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Where Women Create Take Two

Yesterday, I shared about the inspiring Spring Issue of Where Women Create and today I want to share a little about what, within it, made the most of impression upon me.  I did read every article and they are all filled with inspiration and sparks of encouragement.

The Business of the Studio is an article by Elizabeth Maxson that I believe to be well written and poetic.  She is a freelance entrepeneur whose photos and words spin a beautiful story.  She states, “I believe a good photograph either tells a story or invites the viewer to invent one, and it is very rare that a good story is told without delicious details. ”

Another was the very inspiring story of and by Kathy Davis with photography by Rachel Beck.  Kathy has a mission to Scatter Joy.  She began her journey while a newly single mom with a family to provide for as an added motivation.  Her success story is great and you would benefit by reading it.

The most intriguing article was about Rowann Wilkerson. I enjoyed her marvelously fun account of how she and her husband sold their farm and purchased a doctor’s office in a turn-of-the-century building.  I loved reading how they worked together to make a reality her dream to have her own shop.  If I’m ever in Lilburn, Georgia, I will make a bee-line to her cute shop Antiques in Old Town.

Lastly, I must tell you about the two quotes that captured my eye.  One was a sign that read “Glitter is my Prozac” found in the article about Joann Pearson.  I LOVE glitter!  The other was a direct quote from Beth Nicholls which read, “You are the most important element of your studio.  The rest is detail.”

Now that I’ve read and enjoyed Where Women Create, I am motivated and inspired to get to work creating in my own personal studio.

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