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Model Homes

Do you like to tour model homes?  Being a licensed real estate agent in the State of Arizona, I regularly take classes to keep my license current. Recently, the classes have been in some beautiful model homes.

Let me say a little about the builder.  The company is Meritage Homes in Arizona.  Meritage also builds communities elsewhere, but I am familiar with only the homes built in the Phoenix area.

I know you are all aware that the Phoenix area can get warm…okay, HOT! These homes are the only homes in the area built with spray-on, insulating foam.  The rafters in the attic are all sprayed with foam which keeps the attic temperature within ten degrees of the home’s interior temperature. A 3000 square foot home has an electric bill commensurate with a 1500 square foot conventionally built home.  In other words, the utility bills are cut in half.  They have documentation that verifies this.

At each community that I have been to, one model home is usually built with a wall left open to view it’s interior.  Also, the ceiling is open so that you can see the attic and how it is insulated. This room also contains props showing how their homes are built.  They use Low E2 windows throughout, and some homes have solar panels.

Another plus of Meritage is that they partner with Operation Homefront, an organization that supports families of service members and wounded warriors.  If you are interested in knowing more about Meritage Homes, please click their name to visit their website.

However, that is not what this post is about.  What I want to show you, is some of the interior designing that I have enjoyed in a few of the homes.  Sorry for the photo quality – cell phone!

Isn’t this a fun idea for a boy’s room?  Chalk paint is on the wall behind the bed for artistic expression.


This is a boy’s nursery with a barn-like theme.  Those are red bandana squares sewn onto the curtains.


This is in the alcove to a master bedroom.  I really like the unique wall hanging and the mirrored chest.

alcove design

I am looking for ideas for our master bedroom.  This design is very pleasing to me.  The side lights go well with the overall arrangement and keep a lamp off of the table, which could be nice if your side tables are small.


My last picture is of the master bathroom.  Garden tubs are not something that I desire, but I do like the arrangement of mirrors on the wall above this tub.  I have a thing for mirrored finishes!

master bathroom garden tub mirrors

Unless you contacted me to refer you as a buyer, I do not receive any compensation for touting Meritage Homes.  This is just for your personal information.

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