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A Trip to IKEA

Once the ceilings were all cleared and prepped, we moved on to our next project.  We thought completing the laundry room first would be a wise choice.  With escrow closing in four weeks, we thought being able to wash clothes easily at our new place was a must.


We tore out the old vinyl flooring and the cabinets.


There was vinyl beneath the wood looking vinyl.  And below that is the original floor, which you can see below where the cabinet was removed.

laundrydemo2My husband did a few repairs with drywall and mudded all of that.

Then we headed out to one of my favorite stores.


IKEA.  Have you ever been there?  I just LOVE that store.  Ours is in Tempe, Arizona.

We got there when they opened at 10 AM.  We walked through looking at all of the kitchens.  Because we want the laundry room to match the kitchen, we had to choose the kitchen cabinets we wanted.


It was a tough decision and we got hungry, so we discussed it over lunch in their restaurant.


After Fish and Chips and a cookie we could think more clearly and decided on “Lidingo”.  They have design stations set up with computers in the cabinet department.  It took my husband about 10 minutes to figure out what he wanted.  Placing the order was easy.  Then we wound our way on through the store to the check out.  The clerk handed us our receipt and said, “It will be about 30 minutes in customer pick up.”  Well, haha, as with all places it was really an hour wait.

icecreamWe enjoyed ice cream while we waited. 🙂

But, finally we had our cabinets and headed home.  Uh, and let’s see, I think it was 4 PM when we left IKEA.  That store is vast!

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