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Not My Husband’s Favorite

Plumbing is not my husband’s favorite thing to do.  It tends to lead to more work.  Pipes get corroded and sometimes break while you work on them.  Or other miscellaneous problems occur.  That was not the case this time as he moved our pipes from the floor to the wall.


As usual, when he took the drywall off of the wall, he discovered something.  We are always discovering ‘something’.  This time, it was a good thing!  We found that our exterior walls are built with 2×6’s.  Since we live in Phoenix, that is a good thing.


This means that our walls are R-19 for insulation.  You can never have too much insulation, right?

My husband cut a hole in the floor so he wouldn’t have to go under the house to do the plumbing change.  You can see where the pipes used to be and where they are now.  When he cut the hole in the floor he discovered gray pipes that went nowhere.  They are what is left of the original plumbing which has all been replaced with CPVC pipe.  Remember, this is a manufactured home built in 1985.


Our son showed up again, which made for some quick work. Yes, those windows are on a list to be replaced!


Doesn’t my husband do a nice, tidy job?  The kitchen is getting closer to the mud stage.  I hate that part.  Dust EVERYWHERE!


I am looking forward to the finished product.  Am I being patient?  Not really.

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