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Too Much Stuff!

Oh boy!  For quite some time now, I have been telling myself that I have too much stuff.  It is SO easy to just keep collecting STUFF! Recently, I began purging a few items here and there and delivering them to our local thrift store.  Now, my husband has gotten into the game with me.  He helped me clean out my ‘art’ closet.  Yikes.  That one is a tough one.

downsizing cleaning closet

How do you know what to keep and what to let go of?  Ask yourself some questions:  Have I used it in the past year? Do I have plans to use it in the near future? Is it an heirloom?  Etc.  I made three piles.  One for items that will be kept and placed back into the closet.  Another for items that I am storing for our community garage sale that is scheduled for April of this year.  The third pile is for ‘gifting’ to kids and grandkids the items that I know they would like to have.  If the item didn’t fit into any of these categories it went straight into the trash bag sitting in the middle of the room.

If you come across an item that is an heirloom or has the potential to become one, write down the history of that item and attach it somehow.  I collect antique china dessert plates which have masking tape on the back with information written down about where I got them.  You may not always be around to explain the significance of an item, so have a heart and write it down for your future heirs.  🙂

Below is the enclosed porch that includes the art closet.  You can see the opened door on the left at the end of the room. This room will be where I collect all the items intended for the garage sale.  Those items are what you see lining up on the right in the photo.

downsizing cleaning closet organizing stuff

I also have some great books with tips on getting organized and removing clutter.  I dug one out called  Creative Home Organizer by Emilie Barnes.  It’s an old book, but she takes you gently through the process of organizing and decluttering your entire home, including the garage and your car! She has wonderful tips.

We spent about two hours work on the art closet.  I read a suggestion that you should not spend more than two hours at a time downsizing.  Your mind gets tired and you actually get less done, because you can’t think clearly.  I feel like we are well on our way.  With my husbands help, I hope to go through all of the rooms in the house over the next two months.  His garage is another story!

We went through the house with a clipboard and wrote down all the areas that we intend to downsize.  We listed each area within the room, not just the room itself.  We have just 2000 square feet of space, but there are a lot of cabinets and closets that need going through.  I started a while back with some of the smaller areas.  The art closet was major, in my opinion, and I’m glad that my husband was eager to help with that. Today I will finish that up so that we can move onto the next challenge.

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