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Master Window Treatment

Our home has double windows.  The paperwork said it has windows with storm windows installed.  In my mind it’s two windows.  One single paned window on the outside and one on the inside.  They are not removable. You have to open the inside window to open the outside window.  Funny, huh?  I know they had dual paned windows in 1985 when this home was built, because my friend had them all through her home.  Why they did it this way is beyond me!

On our list of things to do, is to replace all of the windows with double paned windows.  We will remove all the inside windows and will then have 4″ window sills.  We can hang our window shades inside the frame rather than having them mounted outside on the wall.  They will be recessed that way.

With the vertical blinds being hung outside the windows causes them to be away from the window when they are closed.  You can actually see inside on the sides.  In our master bedroom there is a mirrored closet door next to the wall near the window.  Not that anyone would be in our yard, but it feels better to have that blocked.

I went to Home Fabrics and Rugs and found a nice toile that I liked.

master curtains2

I didn’t want to make the room darker, but just cover those edges of the blinds.  Cutting the fabric width into four equal strips, I made two panels for each window.

I found some nice sheers at Hobby Lobby to put in between the panels.  I had to alter the headers to make them fit the 5″ rod and shorten them to the proper length.  Thank you, Dad, for teaching me to sew, and Mom, for sitting with me through so many tantrums while sewing. Too bad they aren’t here to hear that.

Privacy accomplished.



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