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Where Women Create

As I write this, I am sitting by my son’s sparkling pool enjoying the warm, Scottsdale sunshine.  It’s a nice change to the rather cold weather in north-central AZ where I live.

Several years ago, while perusing magazines at Barne’s and Noble in our local mall, I remember being enamored by a lovely ‘magazine’ about other women’s studios.  I knew it was something I would love to take home with me, but the price was more than I could justify at the time.  Being an artist with a studio, I found it MORE than interesting to read of others’ studios and their artistic journeys.

Where Women Create Magazine

Imagine my delight when I saw the latest edition of Where Women Create Spring 2013 Issue at my Costco!  Costco sells their magazines at a 30% or greater discount.  Perusing through this issue sparked the same desire to take it home with me.  It didn’t take long to remember that my birthday is VERY close.  “This would do well as a gift to myself,” thought I, and it found it’s way into my heart…er…cart!

The next day, with frapp in hand, I sat in my comfy chair and read it cover to cover including the ads.  Even the ads were beautiful and interesting.  Where Women Create, published by Stampington & Company, is a remarkably well written publication.  I find it difficult to refer to it as a magazine, as it is more like a book.

Each article contains a nice array of success stories, tips, and favorite quotes certain to encourage any artist who endeavors to read them.  The articles are accompanied by many beautiful and artsy photos.  The photographers do an exceptional job of capturing the essence of each studio.

Now that I’ve read an issue and have been inspired and encouraged, Where Women Create will forever find it’s way into my cart with each new issue.  Kudos to Stampington & Company for such a great publication.

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