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A Trip to IKEA

Once the ceilings were all cleared and prepped, we moved on to our next project.  We thought completing the laundry room first would be a wise choice.  With escrow closing in four weeks, we thought being able to wash clothes easily at our new place was a must.


We tore out the old vinyl flooring and the cabinets.


There was vinyl beneath the wood looking vinyl.  And below that is the original floor, which you can see below where the cabinet was removed.

laundrydemo2My husband did a few repairs with drywall and mudded all of that.

Then we headed out to one of my favorite stores.


IKEA.  Have you ever been there?  I just LOVE that store.  Ours is in Tempe, Arizona.

We got there when they opened at 10 AM.  We walked through looking at all of the kitchens.  Because we want the laundry room to match the kitchen, we had to choose the kitchen cabinets we wanted.


It was a tough decision and we got hungry, so we discussed it over lunch in their restaurant.


After Fish and Chips and a cookie we could think more clearly and decided on “Lidingo”.  They have design stations set up with computers in the cabinet department.  It took my husband about 10 minutes to figure out what he wanted.  Placing the order was easy.  Then we wound our way on through the store to the check out.  The clerk handed us our receipt and said, “It will be about 30 minutes in customer pick up.”  Well, haha, as with all places it was really an hour wait.

icecreamWe enjoyed ice cream while we waited. 🙂

But, finally we had our cabinets and headed home.  Uh, and let’s see, I think it was 4 PM when we left IKEA.  That store is vast!

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Iced Blended

Coffee Iced Blended

Are you a coffee lover? I do not consider myself a coffee lover, because I don’t drink hot coffee. I do enjoy the flavor of coffee cold like in ice cream and iced coffee drinks. My coffee drink of choice is a Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino. Since they carry a hefty price tag, I rarely have them. So, I have developed my own home recipes for blended coffees. If I have my coffee in the morning, I make it using Starbucks Via instant coffee. If I have it in the afternoon, I make it using Folger’s decaf instant coffee. Here is the basic recipe that I came up with:

  • 1 cup nonfat milk or whatever milk you prefer
  • 1 kitchen teaspoon of instant coffee (not a measuring teaspoon, but the spoon you eat cereal with.)
  • 1 teaspoon Nesquik (optional)
  • 1 kitchen teaspoon of sugar or whatever sweetener you prefer. I mix it up using turbinado, white sugar, or even molasses occasionally.
  • 12 ice cubes if you have an automatic ice cube maker, or 6 cubes if you have trays in your freezer. The photo shows the size of my ice cubes.

Place all ingredients into your blender and mix until you no longer hear little ticks of ice grinding. My blender is a Bosch. It is amazing. The ice blended is thoroughly mixed in about 20-30 seconds with a Bosch.

You might also try adding other flavors like mint or caramel.  My daughter uses Hershey’s in the brown bottle.  I can’t use it because I cannot have corn and it is sweetened with corn syrup.  Find a mix you like and you’ll be enjoying iced coffees from home anytime you like!

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No posts since September?  That is because I am not finding WordPress to be very user friendly.  When frustrated, I tend to quit.  But, with encouragement from my blogging daughter, I am committing to figure it out and get this blog organized.  A downside of this is that my daughter lives 1600 miles away!  We see each other one or two weeks each year.  During that time we drink coffees and chat, chat, chat about blogging, crafting, shopping, and other girlie stuff.

Other news…  My camera broke while on vacation this summer.  You saw my summer travel posts, right?  Well, when I returned home, my son gave me his old camera that was still lying around.  I am now the proud owner of a Nikon D70s with a zoom lens.  That is exciting to me, because now I can get some photos of flowers to paint from.

Before I ever had a digital camera, I used a Pentax SLR for many years.  I also had a Minolta SLR that I didn’t like very much.  When I got my first digital camera, an Olympus C-3000, I put my SLR cameras away in the back of my closet.  When my son gave me the Nikon, it didn’t include a case, so I dug my cameras out of the closet to possibly use one of the cases.  I found five rolls of unexposed film in with the Pentax.  Go figure…only I would pack away film with my cameras.  What a waste!  The Nikon didn’t fit in either case.  My children are so generous.  My photographer daughter had a spare case that is now containing my camera and accessories.  Happy dance.

Keep a look out for some new changes and upgrades to my blog, thanks to some much appreciated help from my daughter.